Town of East Hampton Website Portal Search Tips


Follow these tips to find your property

Search by Property Address:

The best way to locate your property in this manner is to enter the number for “House No” field and in the “Street” field, enter the street name without the suffix (Ave, Avenue, Pl, Place, St, Street, Ln, La, Lane). Try entering the first few letters of the street.

Click “Search”. A list of parcels that meet this criteria will be displayed.

If the “Property location” isn’t enough to identify your property, choose the one that matches your tax map number (on your tax bill). Check the box for that property, and click “To Continue”.


*** TIP *** “Less is more”. The key to a successful property search that returns the result that you are looking for is to enter just the house number and the street name without the suffix.


Search by Tax Map Number:


When searching by tax map number, it’s important to know that the tax map number consists of the SWIS Code, Section.Sub-Section-Block-Lot.Sub-Lot and Suffix values on your tax bill. (Note: the Section.Sub-Section values are combined, as are the Lot.Sub-Lot values).

Do not include the SD Code (School District).


This is how the tax map number is displayed on your tax bill:


And this is how it would be entered into the tax map search:

You do not have to enter all the 0’s. If you were to enter just 188, 0, 1, 4, 0, 0, the fields will correctly populate the individual boxes to create the view above and result in a successful search of your property.


*** TIP *** Although the message says “If Searching by Tax Map number, All fields must be populated”, it is possible to get a result by entering just the Section, Block and Lot numbers without entering the Sub-Section, Sub-Lot and Suffix fields that contain 0’s.




As with the Property Search, check the box for the parcel that is the property you are searching for, and click the “To Continue” button to proceed.